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In the last three months, we’ve helped our clients secure a further £350,000 in Regional Growth Grants, now making our total £1,240,000 so far this year.

The grants are making a real difference, as Julian Parton of Hales Sawmills explains, “We moved to Mitten Clarke in 2013, and can’t believe the difference they’ve made in just one year.  We were in the process of expanding into a new purpose-built 15 acre site in Market Drayton.

Once Mitten Clarke came on board with us, they put together forecasts and raised the finance we needed, negotiating with various banks to make sure that we got the best possible deal.  Not only that, they also secured a £380,000 grant through the Regional Growth Fund for us.  The total project cost was substantial, and I don’t think it could have gone ahead without the RGF grant.  We’re now very well placed for future expansion and we’re able to create a significant number of new jobs”.

Our clients have used RGF grants to help them:

  • acquire land, buildings, plant and equipment
  • to relocate
  • to buy premises currently rented
  • expand their operations
  • set up in new geographical areas.

RGF money can be accessed through various organisations which might include your bank, your local chamber or your local council.  There are also pockets of innovation RGF grants in some parts of the UK, such as the pot available until 31 March 2015 from Stoke-on-Trent Council.

The grants are very much centred around job creation and safeguarding existing jobs which are genuinely at risk.

If you’re thinking of buying a business, expanding or acquiring buildings etc, do please talk to us at the earliest opportunity.  The availability of these RGF grants, coupled with generous tax allowances at the moment, means that it’s a really good time to explore these opportunities.

Do please get in touch with either Mandy Mitten or Scott Heath on 01782 279615 – both have a great deal of experience in raising finance and have been very successful in getting RGF funds for their clients.