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If you’ve had a letter from The Pension Regulator (TPR) instructing you to “ACT NOW” to prepare for auto-enrolment, you only have a few weeks left to let them know who’ll be your main contact. If you don’t provide this information, it may result in the threat of fines or prosecution.

The letter will indicate the ’staging date’ for your business, which is the date that you must have everything ready by, including a pension scheme in place so your employees can join it.

Many small companies will be exempt from auto-enrolment if they don’t technically have any ‘workers’ at the time of their staging date. If a company has only one director and no additional staff, it has no obligation under auto-enrolment. It’s also exempt if it has a number of directors but none of them have an employment contract, or if only one of them has a contract. This is because a company director is not considered to be a ’worker’ unless they have an employment contract.

If you fall into one of the categories above but still receive a letter from TPR, simply send an email to customersupport@autoenrol.tpr.gov.uk stating your PAYE reference, company registration number and the code from the letter you’ve been sent, to let them know you are exempt from auto-enrolment.

If your company does have additional staff other than directors and you’d like to discuss auto-enrolment further, we recommend getting in touch with Paul Darley at our office on 01782 279615.