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We just want to remind you about claiming a £2,000 rebate against your employers national insurance.

You will need to claim this allowance as HMRC won’t automatically give it to you.

The majority of companies will be entitled to the allowance but there are some exceptions so you need to take care. The typical examples of ineligible companies are if:

  • you have claimed the allowance in another company which you control
  • you carry out functions of a public nature which accounts for over half of your income, such as a doctor or other NHS service
  • you only employ someone for personal work, such as a nanny or gardener
  • you are a public authority.

If you are using the Sage Payroll software package, there is a box in the company settings screen which you need to tick to claim the allowance as shown below.  The system will then automatically deduct the amounts from your payments to HMRC.

Click here to view the Sage Payroll settings screen.

 If you need any assistance with making this claim, please do give us a call.


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