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The team at Mitten Clarke support local charity by donating a cooker.

In early January 2018, the One Recovery Centre in Newcastle-Under-Lyme had a big problem, the cooker which they used on a daily basis to support their team and volunteers broke.

The One Recovery centre in Newcastle supports people who have drink and/or drug problems. It’s a completely free service which aims to help people on the road to recovery. It doesn’t just stop there, they help people to remain abstinent, providing them with activities and courses to make sure they are able to tackle the next steps in their lives.

Without the cooker, the kitchen which is the hub of the centre couldn’t be used for the courses and activities One Recovery put on. This is where Mitten Clarke got involved, we donated a new cooker which means the centre can continue to provide support for all the people who use their services, and this Christmas, dinner will be served for everyone at the centre!

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Volunteers at One Recovery with the cooker Mitten Clarke donated

A thank you note for the team at Mitten Clarke Debbie baking on the cooker Mitten Clarke donated