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The Government is reducing the grant you can claim under the furlough scheme from 70% to 60% for the month of October.

So, in October, the maximum grant for hours furloughed employees do not work will be 60% of an employee’s usual salary for those hours, subject to a maximum cap. This applies to both furloughed and flexibly furloughed employees. For fully furloughed employees, the maximum cap for September is £1,875.00, and for flexibly furloughed employees this amount is proportional to the hours not worked.

Please remember you’ll still need to pay furloughed employees at least 80% of their usual salary for the hours they did not work in October, subject to the maximum cap of £2,500 or a proportional amount for flexible furlough. It’s for you to fund the difference, together with the NI and pension contributions you needed to cover in August.

As a final reminder, the furlough scheme is expected to close on 31st October.

If you have any questions whatsoever on the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.