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This Thursday we’ll be celebrating ‘Fat Thursday’, here’s why.

“Hi Folks,

Just to quickly introduce myself, I’m Sylwia, part of the team here at Mitten Clarke.

One of our Polish traditions is ‘Fat Thursday’ or as we say in Poland, Tłusty Czwartek. So this Thursday I’ll be bringing Tłusty Czwartek to all of the team here at Mitten Clarke!

Traditionally, ‘Fat Thursday’ is a Catholic Christian feast which marks the last Thursday before Lent. It’s a day dedicated to eating, where we all meet with family and friends and eat lots of sweets and cakes.

The most popular is the paczki, which just happens to be my favourite! It’s a donut in appearance but it’s made from yeast, flour and eggs, they are then deep fried in oil for a few seconds and then eaten warm…I’m already getting excited for Thursday as I write this!

Keep an eye out for a few ‘Tłusty Czwartek’ photos with all of the team on Thursday.”