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You have until 6 July 2015 to get your P11D and P9D forms in to HMRC for 2014/15. They’ll need to be completed if you’ve provided expenses or benefits to your employees in this tax year, and they aren’t covered by a dispensation or exempt from tax. It’s important to get them in on time otherwise you will face penalties from HMRC.

Since 6 March 2015 there’s been no legal requirement to complete the usual payroll year-end questions included in your full payment submission (FPS) report or employer payment summary (EPS), which is how HMRC used to know whether a P11D or P9D is due to be filed. However, most payroll software still included these questions in the final submission for the year.

When you were running your payroll year-end, if you didn’t indicate that no P11D was due then HMRC may well be expecting one from you. So, to avoid automatic penalties, complete an online declaration to notify HMRC if no P11D or P9D is required, and no Class 1A NIC is due. It’s not necessary to submit a P9D for any employee receiving a medical benefit, such as health insurance, if they’re earning less than £8,500 a year.

If you need any help or advice on getting your P11D’s and P9D’s right, just get in touch on 01782 279615.