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Finest represents some of the most dynamic professional firms in North Staffordshire and has been running for eleven years now. Following the success of 2012’s event, the ‘Recognising our finest’ awards are returning this September at Stoke City FC’s Britannia Stadium.

By sponsoring the award Mitten Clarke are hoping to make a positive impact on local businesses.

In the run up to the event, both Daryl Williams, co-ordinator of finest, and Mandy Mitten, managing director of Mitten Clarke, commented on the upcoming finest awards 2014:

How many years has Mitten Clarke sponsored the finest awards?

Mandy Mitten: In 2010 we were shortlisted for an award and then the following year we went on to win two:

–          Ambassador for North Staffordshire

–          Employee Development Award

Our success fuelled our interest in sponsoring the ‘Recognising our finest’ awards; this will be our second year of sponsorship.

Daryl Williams: Mitten Clarke are great supporters of finest and it’s fantastic that, as past finest awards winners, they are now helping other successful local businesses and professionals reap the same benefits. From raising company morale to the increase in exposure, finest can truly benefit your business.

Why is it important to yourself and Mitten Clarke to sponsor the event?

MM: Ultimately, we want to help secure the success of finest and encourage other local professionals to get involved. We know first-hand how beneficial these awards are as they have given Mitten Clarke quality referrals and helped us gain work from outside our local area, not to mention the networking opportunities.

DW: Support from businesses like Mitten Clarke is vital to the local economy. Mitten Clarke’s support of finest and futurefinest helps raise awareness of the quality work that Staffordshire’s professional service sector continually delivers locally, regionally and even internationally.

You are sponsoring the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Professional Services’ award. Is this particularly significant to you?

MM: We chose this specific award because it’s for an individual rather than a business as a whole, and it’s important to recognise the driving force behind organisations.

As a company, we are committed to our local business community; demonstrated by our involvement with Staffordshire Chamber and finest, volunteering as governors to two local colleges, and the organisation of many charity fundraising events.  Sponsoring the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Professional Services’ award is another way for Mitten Clarke to play an active role in the local business community.

Were you asked to help judge the category?

MM: There are a number of people on the steering committee and local dignitaries who are in charge of judging. I just get to present the award to the lucky winner!

We’re looking forward to presenting such an inspiring award and can’t wait to celebrate the success of North Staffordshire’s professionals.

How does the support from businesses like Mitten Clarke impact Staffordshire’s economy?

DW: Positively! Our recent Quarterly Economic Survey has shown that Staffordshire’s economic recovery is moving forward as 63% of members say they are expecting to see their turnover significantly improve over the next 12 months. Without businesses like Mitten Clarke, there would be less confident businesses in Staffordshire and therefore a smaller growth in the economy.

For more information on the ‘Recognising our finest’ awards 2014, visit their site here. If you are interested in other ways Mitten Clarke have dedicated themselves to local work and helping the community, check out our story so far!