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Mitten Clarke’s Adrian Veale has presented 13 laptops to the Light for All centre in Kinama, one of the poorest regions in Burundi. The laptops will be used in the new school which is due to open in September 2017 and will help to teach Maths, English and IT.

Adrian, client manager at Mitten Clarke, who also continues to help in Burundi said, “The Mitten Clarke laptops will be invaluable in the children’s education as they are almost impossible to get hold of in Burundi. On behalf of Ernest and the Light for All centre, thank you for your kind donation of these laptops”.

Mandy Mitten, Director at Mitten Clarke said “It’s fantastic to support such a small charity who are helping to change the lives of young children. On behalf of everyone at Mitten Clarke we sincerely hope that these laptops make such a huge difference to the centre”.