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Depending on when you read this article, there’s a month – or less – to go until the UK votes in the EU Referendum. The exact question, proposed by the Electoral Commission and accepted by the Government in September 2015, will be:

Should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

As we all know from the newspapers headlines, the two camps – Remain and Leave – have been fiercely debating it ever since. The tone of that debate has become increasingly divisive, increasingly hostile and – in our view – not always terribly well informed.

So, in this report, we’ve tried to take a step back from the rhetoric and the “sound and fury” and present the arguments on both sides as dispassionately as possible. Please don’t take this article as indicating support for either side in the debate: in the 2,000 words that follow we’re seeking to inform, not to persuade.

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