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The new Sage software has been updated with improvements for both clients and accountants, and here’s a list of the significant software changes we think will be of interest to you.

  • 2 new phone apps giving detailed ledger and financial information, as well as sales tools for salespeople in the field.  This includes orders, quotes etc. and is all linked into the live Sage data.
  • Sage Drive – data from the local server can now be transferred to the cloud for freedom and flexibility.  This allows authorised access to the data anywhere via the mobile apps while the user is still logged in, meaning no disruption to your business.
  •  Standard Windows shortcuts can be used to select data – e.g. ‘ctrl+a’ to select all, and ‘shift+click’ between two ranges.  We’ve provided some more useful shortcuts that also apply to the current software.
  •  Context-sensitive searches can be applied.  This works similarly to predictive texting where your results will reduce with each letter you input.
  •  The typical layout has been altered considerably.  ‘Tasks’ and ‘Links’ have been replaced with a list of options such as ‘Customers’, ‘Suppliers’, ‘Bank’ etc.  This will be the starting point for navigation with the usual sub-headings above in each section.
  •  ‘Financials’ and ‘Corrections’ have been combined and are now renamed as ‘Transactions’.
  •  Inactive customers, suppliers and stock codes can be hidden from view.
  •  Backups can now be run while users are still logged in.
  •  Users can set up a schedule to automatically backup as often as required, ensuring maximum security – this can be done weekly, daily and even hourly!
  •  The new software supports up to 20 concurrent users and 1.5M transactions, whilst remaining stable.  This means there’s less chance of corruption.

These features will be available in variants of Sage 50 Accounts and upwards.  The software is available from later in the month, and if you’re interested in finding out more or would like a demonstration, we’d be happy to talk you through it.

Tips and shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts that you may already be aware of, but we have included some extra ones we think are quite handy to know.

f1 – Sage help

f2 – Windows calculator

f7 – inserts a row

f6 – copies the line above

f8 – removes the current row

f9 – calculates the chosen amount net of VAT

f12 – opens report designer

tab – moves to the next cell when entering data

shift+tab – moves back to the last cell when entering data

shift+f6 – copies the line above + 1 (very good for ascending order of invoices or dates)

As ever if you have any further queries, or need any online accounting solution advice, then please call us on 01782 279615.