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If you’re currently using either Sage 2012 or 2013 Accounts, then you may have already received a letter explaining their decision to withdraw 2 versions at the same time.  If you haven’t had a letter yet but do have one of these versions, then it’s likely you will get one from them very soon and they’ll be encouraging you to upgrade.

You needn’t worry though as you actually have until 31 March 2016 to upgrade, when their support for these versions will end.  As this is a process that Sage undertakes annually, the shelf-life of your Sage software is unfortunately now only 4 years.

If you get a letter and have any concerns or would like to discuss your accounting software options with us, just give us a call on 01782 279615 and we’ll be happy to help, whether it’s ordering your Sage upgrade or even exploring alternative products.