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It’s fair to say that the initial communication from HMRC was pretty poor. Guided videos were eventually produced to help businesses and their agents, but sadly they were long overdue.

It wasn’t clear that businesses had to actually register for MTD.  During this process, we found that businesses couldn’t complete all the questions without our help, and we as agents couldn’t complete all the questions without their help either.

Once registered, we had hoped it would be plain sailing.  Clients’ software should now be connected to HMRC for an 18-month period, but this doesn’t appear to work for most clients who are having to reconnect each time.

When we’re submitting VAT returns ourselves some are failing and we have no idea why – is it HMRC, the software or something else?  It’s a guessing game, so an error message of some sort would be helpful please HMRC!

We’ve done as much as possible to support our clients, but undoubtedly better communication from HMRC upfront would have meant we could communicate more effectively and in a more cost-effective way for all.

Oh well, we got through it.  We’re now looking forward to the VAT Domestic Reverse Charge!