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I’ve been asked to attend a meeting with Lord Heseltine in May to discuss local business priorities for our clients, so I wanted to ask if you have any views/opinions that you’d like me to voice on your behalf.

My own thoughts are:


  • crippling costs of energy
  • auto-enrolment burden, both in terms of cost and red tape
  • ability/capacity to raise productivity levels to pre-recession levels
  • future of our high street


  • doubling of AIA allowance on plant and machinery
  • banks appear to be lending again
  • Regional Growth Fund boost
  • increased incentives for R&D

I will be one of a small group and we only have half an hour with him, so I need to be succinct.  I also need to send my discussion topics in advance, so if you’d like to drop me a line by 28 April I’ll do my best to get your message across.

Many thanks,



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