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business accounts

Your  accounts can be a really important tool to help you make the right business decisions.

Sadly, they can sometimes be viewed as a necessary evil – purely for Companies House, your bank or HMRC. When they are used properly though, they really can influence the success of your business.

You’ll find our approach to your business accounts a refreshing change.

pre year end planning

We’ll contact you a few months before your year end, to review your performance to date.

This means we can give you proactive tax planning advice to reduce your tax liability, and not only that, we’ll even give you an estimate of your future tax liabilities at that stage too.

We’ll also make sure that the ownership structure you’re trading under is still the right one for you, giving us time to re-organise your affairs before your year end, if it’s beneficial for you to change.

timely information

We work to guaranteed turnaround times so you know that the information we give you will always be up to date.

This means that our meetings and advice are far more relevant and we’re able to have a meaningful discussion about your current performance.

interpreting your figures

In addition to the usual statutory format you may be familiar with, we also produce graphs and commentary to help you interpret your business accounts.

Our financial performance review highlights:

  • your breakeven point
  • margin trends
  • working capital lock in
  • the productivity of your workforce, and much more.

This information is invaluable to you, and really helps you spot the opportunities for growth and improvement in your business.

You’ll also receive a profit improvement calculation, which demonstrates how minor changes to your pricing, volumes and costs can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

how Mitten Clarke can help you

We believe our business accounts services can make a real difference to your performance thanks to our dedicated accountancy team. Our promise to you is that we’ll do what we say we’ll do, we will do it on time, and we’ll complete it at a fee we’ve agreed in advance.

Our strong commercial background means that our accountancy service focusses on:

  • highlighting profit improvement potential
  • effective tax planning
  • cash flow and working capital management
  • business structure
  • future plans.

If you are considering changing your accountant, get in touch for a complimentary discussion about your business!