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planning days

planning days

These are an ideal kick start for your business, whether you are starting a new venture, or if you simply need inspiration and fresh ideas moving forward.

To get the most from the day, we’ll send you some thought provoking questions in advance, and suggested topics for discussion.

We facilitate these meetings for you at our comfortable Staffordshire offices, or elsewhere if you prefer. A well planned agenda keeps us on track throughout the day. We’ll focus on the critical areas of your business, identifying both improvements and new opportunities for the future.

Afterwards, we’ll agree the action points and translate these into a delivery plan. Your plan will typically include:

who’s responsible for each action
agreed deadlines for completion, broken down into quarterly targets
any cost or training implications to be considered.
This makes it easy for you to follow through with the ideas and actions you’ve agreed on.

how can Mitten Clarke help?

Our directors have strong commercial backgrounds, having spent many years in industry themselves before Mitten Clarke. This experience, together with years in practice looking after businesses like yours, is invaluable.

At your planning days, our help and advice can often include:

  • strategy and longer term planning
  • raising finance
  • identifying profit improvement potential
  • introductions to experts in various fields when needed
  • interpreting the management accounts and KPIs
  • asking challenging questions
  • keeping you on track
  • giving you help when you need it.

You are welcome to use our office facilities whenever you feel it’s useful to get away from your own office.

If your business is not getting the results you’d like and you want our help, arrange a planning day with our expert team via our contact form, or email us on!